Walking Duck Toy


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Bullet Points:

1、Material Safety: The doll is safe and non-toxic, not easy to shed hair, full color, and comfortable to touch.
2、Good-Looking and Fun: It has a beautiful appearance and realistic facial expressions. Press the button, the duck will dance to the music, grab it by the neck, the duck will scream, record and learn to speak, it’s amazing.
3、Unique Design: Cute and soft plush dolls, realistic expressions, clear outlines, realistic visual and sensory experience. There is an invisible battery under the abdomen to ensure the safety of the toy.
4、Washable Toy: Easy to clean, remove stains with a small amount of soap and water, and let it dry naturally.
5、Best Gift for Your Baby: This is a great toy for children, birthday gifts, Valentine's Day gifts, Halloween, Christmas gifts, and babies will love it.




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