Waddle Wilson Duck Night Lamp




Introducing our Cute Flower Duck Pat Lamp – The Perfect Bedtime Buddy! ??

Illuminate your child's dreams with this adorable, silicone night light. This USB rechargeable lamp is not just a source of light; it's a friend that your little one will adore.

? Key Features:

  • Soft Silicone: Gentle to touch, perfect for kids.
  • Timer Function: Set it to turn off when your child falls asleep.
  • Rechargeable: No need for constant battery replacements.
  • Charming Design: Cute flower duck to brighten up any room.
  • Safe for Kids: Non-toxic and child-friendly materials.

With a 1200mAh battery, it will accompany your child through the night, casting a warm and soothing glow. Whether it's in the baby's room, bedroom, or as a charming bedside lamp, this adorable duck lamp makes a delightful gift for your little one.

Get the Cute Flower Duck Pat Lamp today and watch your child's dreams take flight! ??✨

Emitting Color

Warm White

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