Toby The Fluffy Penguin

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Meet Toby, the Fluffy Penguin

Cuddle Companion Extraordinaire

Toby isn’t your ordinary plushie; he’s a fluffy ambassador from the frosty realms, here to melt hearts with his soft, grey plumage. Clad in a blue checkered bib adorned with a sunny daisy, Toby the Fluffy Penguin carries the charm of a gentle arctic breeze.

Plush Perfection

Crafted with love, Toby features the finest plush materials, creating a cloud-like feel that beckons for cozy cuddles. His filling of premium PP cotton ensures a perfect balance of fluffiness and support, making him a comforting pal for all ages.

Sizing Up the Snuggles

Whether it’s a gentle companion for a little one or a charming friend for the young at heart, Toby comes in three delightful sizes. The petite 13cm version is perfect for pocket-sized hugs, the mid-size 36cm is ideal for those heartwarming embraces, and the grand 55cm is a snuggle fest waiting to happen.

Ready for Adoption

Each Toby is meticulously packed in a clear, brand-new PP bag, ensuring he arrives at his new home pristine and fresh. Ready to spread joy and warmth, Toby the Fluffy Penguin is eagerly awaiting the chance to join your family or become the perfect gift for someone special.


about 10-13cm, about 32-36cm, about 50-55cm

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