Randy The Angry Cat

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Meet Randy, the irritable yet irresistibly huggable cat plush available in three sizes: **30cm (11.8 inches)**, **45cm (17.7 inches)**, and **60cm (23.6 inches)**. Crafted with precision and adorned with the finest plush material, Randy brings a touch of grumpiness to your cuddle sessions.

Inches conversion:
– **30cm** translates to approximately **11.8 inches**.
– **45cm** stretches out to a purr-fect **17.7 inches**.
– For those seeking maximum grumpiness, the **60cm** Randy stands tall at **23.6 inches**.

Despite his scowling demeanor, Randy's plush exterior makes him an ideal companion for cozy nights. Whether perched on your bed or adorning your couch, Randy adds a playful charm to any space. Embrace the feline grump and make Randy the center of attention in your plush collection. Get ready for a paw-sitively delightful experience with Randy, the angry cat plush that's more than just a cuddle buddy—it's a mood! 🐾😾 #RandyTheAngryCat #PlushMood




30cm, 45cm, 60cm

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