Princess Piggy Long Plush

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  1. This long Piggy plush could be the accompany held by you during your sleep. You Could lean yourself on it whatever the posture you would like to.
  2. As your good stress relief partner, Thefarmbunch plush Soft Down Cotton is highly resilient.
  3. Apply Safe Materials and Stuff, always guard your health.

Nowadays modern people get lots of stress and they can't get rid of it easily. Most of the time they are finding a way of getting back to the natural atmosphere. So we are committed to designing a series of ultra-soft down cotton plush toys to pacify restless emotions. SO SOFT, SO KIND, and SO HEALING as well.

Craft with care

  • Fabric: Super Soft Spandex
  • Cotton: Down Cotton
  • Thefarmbunch is committed to making better plushtoys with higher-end materials.

We have figured out the right size for both adults and children to hug. As the need for adults in nowadays high-speed lifestyle to relieve their stress, so the whole body of plush toys are made with extremely smooth fabric and down cotton. The stitching is tight and strong in order to undertake your brandish of objects.



70cm / 28 inches, 90cm / 36 inches, 110cm / 45 inches

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