Toasty Piggy Plush Toy


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? Meet Your New Cuddle Buddy: Toasty Piggy! ?

Sizes That Fit All Hugs ?

  • Petite Piglet: Just right at 20cm, perfect for little hands and big hearts.
  • Big Buddy: A whole 30cm of piggy plushness for the ultimate cuddle experience.

So Soft, So Squishy ?

Our Toasty Piggy is made with the softest, squish-friendly material. It’s like hugging a cloud with a cute piggy face!

Always There for You ☀️

Feeling chilly or just need a smile? Toasty Piggy is there to warm your heart and bring joy to your days and nights.

Perfect for Everyone ?

A sweet gift for kids, a fun friend for grown-ups, and a must-have for every plushie lover!

Easy to Love, Easy to Clean ?

Toasty Piggy is not just cute, but also easy to keep clean for a long-lasting friendship.

Bring home a Toasty Piggy today and let the snuggles begin! ??



20cm, 30cm

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