Knitted Duck Sweater


Size Length Chest Sleeve Shoulder
M 67 26.38 110 43.31 52 20.47 0 0.00
L 69 27.17 114 44.88 54 21.26 0 0.00
XL 71 27.95 118 46.46 56 22.05 0 0.00
XXL 73 28.74 122 48.03 58 22.83 0 0.00

Fun Goose Sweater!

What is it?

This is a super fun sweater with lots of geese on it! It’s like wearing a flock of friendly birds. Each goose has fluffy white feathers and cute orange feet and beaks.

All About the Sweater

The sweater is really soft and comfy. It feels like a hug from a cloud! You can wear it when it’s chilly outside and feel all warm.


  • The first sweater is blue like the sky.
  • The second one is black like the night.


  • Small (S) for a snug hug.
  • Medium (M) for a perfect fit.
  • Large (L) for a bit more room.
  • Extra Large (XL) for when you need extra coziness.
  • Extra Extra Large (XXL) for the most space!

Why You’ll Love It!

You’ll love this duck sweater because it makes you smile. The geese look happy and will make you happy too. It’s perfect for playing outside, reading a book, or having hot cocoa.

Cozy and Warm

The sweater is knitted with yarn that keeps you cozy. It’s like wearing your favorite blanket.

Easy to Wash

When it gets dirty, just wash it in the machine. It’s easy!

For Everyone

Boys and girls, moms and dads, everyone can wear this sweater. It’s good for a cold day or just when you want to look cool.

Perfect Gift

It’s a great gift for birthdays or holidays. Surprise someone with this duck sweater and watch them smile!

Fun Times

Wear it to a party or to school. Everyone will say, “Wow, look at that cool sweater!”

Make Memories

Take photos with your friends and family in this sweater. You’ll remember the fun times when you wear it.

Get Yours Today!

Don’t wait to get your goose sweater. Pick your size from S to XXL and join the goose club!

Remember, this sweater is as fun as it is warm. So wear it and let the geese take you on an adventure!


khaki, black, blue


XXL(185cm 85kg), XL(180cm 75kg), L(170cm 65kg), M(165cm 60kg), 3XL(190cm 90kg)

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