Hugsy Super Soft Duck Plushy

From $24.95

Introducing our Soft Duck Plush Toy, the perfect companion for snuggling and cuddling! This adorable Stuffed Cartoon Animal Chicken Doll doubles as a Sleep Long Pillow Cushion, making it an ideal gift for birthdays or special occasions.

The Soft Duck Plush Toy comes in three sizes, ensuring there’s a perfect fit for everyone. The sizes available are 70cm (27.6 inches), 100cm (39.4 inches), and 120cm (47.2 inches). These measurements are taken from the duck’s head to its feet, providing a comfortable and huggable length.

The plush toy is designed in a charming light yellow color, reminiscent of a real baby duck. Its delightful appearance and soft texture are sure to capture hearts and bring joy to anyone who receives it.

Crafted with High-Quality Down Cotton, this plush toy offers a plush and fluffy feel, providing maximum comfort for both children and adults alike. Its superior construction ensures durability and long-lasting enjoyment.

Each Soft Duck Plush Toy is conveniently packed and delivered with care. You will receive 1 x Plush Pillow, ready to bring warmth and cuddles into your life.

Embrace the charm and coziness of our Soft Duck Plush Toy. It’s an enchanting addition to any bedroom or living space and makes for a heartwarming gift that will bring smiles and happiness for years to come.


70cm (27.6 inches), 100cm (39.4 inches), 120cm (47.2 inches

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