Duck Shower Toy Boat


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  • Adorable shape

This bathing toy kit is little duck shaped, which is cute and attractive. Three little           ducks are three shapes make children bathing more fun.

  • Spray water evenly

The stainless steel drain tray design is adopted, the water is even, strong, soft,              and comfortable for children to use.

  • Removable design

The shower tube can be disassembled independently, which is convenient for                you to replace or clean.

  • 2 water levels

The duck bath toy has two levels of water, the first level has weak water, and                second level has large water output, which can be adjusted by pressing the                  switch button.

  • Funny toy set

Our bath toys include three little ducks, a boat, and a shower. It can be                           sprinkled at any angle, which is interesting and a good companion for the                     baby to take a bath.


Water Duck

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