Duck Attack Mug




Brighten your mornings or bring smiles during coffee breaks with our "Quack Attack Mug". Designed for those who love a touch of humor with their hot beverages, this mug features a bold, cartoon-style duck armed with a tiny knife, symbolizing playful mischief. Made from high-quality bone China, this eco-friendly ceramic mug is perfect for sipping sustainably.

Key Features:

  • Eco-Friendly Material: Crafted from durable, high-quality bone China ceramic that's both eco-friendly and elegant.
  • Unique Cartoon Style: A cartoon duck design that adds a fun, quirky twist to your coffee mug collection.
  • Certified Quality: Comes with CE / EU certification, ensuring compliance with European safety standards.
  • Convenient Design: Features a comfortable handgrip shape and a 300ml capacity, ideal for your favorite beverages. Lidless for easy access and cleaning.
  • Origin: Proudly manufactured in Mainland China, designed to bring joy and a touch of whimsy to your tableware.

This mug makes a fantastic gift for friends who appreciate a good laugh or a unique addition to your own mug collection. It's not just a drinkware item; it's a conversation starter!





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