Chubby Duck Night Light


Meet Chubby Duck Night Light! 🌟🦆

Hey little friends! Say “hello” to the Chubby Duck Night Light! It’s not just any lamp; it’s the best bedtime buddy you’ll ever meet. Let’s check out what makes Chubby Duck super cool! 🎉

Super Safe! 🔒

Chubby Duck is super safe to use. It’s soft and cuddly, and it uses less than half a watt of power—so it’s gentle for the planet, too!

Light as a Feather! 🪶

Guess what? Chubby Duck is really light, just like a real duck feather. It only weighs 174 grams. That’s about as heavy as an apple!

Easy Peasy Power! 🔌

Chubby Duck comes with a Type-C charger—just like your parents’ phones—and a big power tummy that stores up lots of energy (800mAh) to stay bright all night long!

Just the Right Size! 📏

Chubby Duck is just the right size to fit on your nightstand. It’s about as tall as a big chocolate bar and as wide as a grown-up’s hand!

Long-Lasting Glow! 💡

Our friendly Chubby Duck will keep glowing for up to 11 hours on a single charge. That’s long enough to keep the dark away all night, or even two movie times!

So, get ready for dreamy nights with Chubby Duck Night Light by your side! 🌙✨


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